Grateful in Wonderland

22 10 2011

What a night. A steady parade of hats, costumes, and grins arriving at the Ancaster Fairgrounds to travel “down the rabbit hole” and celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Community Child Abuse Council at the 2011 Mad Hatter’s Ball. By all accounts a good time was had by all, and the Council was the fortunate beneficiary of all the fun.

Regular readers of my blog know that this is an event I spearheaded in the early part of 2011. Watching it all unfold last night was heartwarming. The tally of proceeds isn’t in yet, but money aside it was truly inspiring to see the merriment and hear the laughter in a crowd brought together by a very sad need (fighting child abuse). As I said from the stage, it’s tough to be celebratory when you’re the Community Child Abuse Council and families turn to you in the wake of sexual abuse. But those little victories and

heart-swelling success stories that unfold on a regular basis at the Council are ones that must be shared and celebrated. That’s why, from the very start, we set out to host a “party with a purpose” rather than any other sort of fundraising event.

My personal thanks to friends and family, colleagues, and Council supporters who came out to attend the festivities and spend money in support of the cause. And my very sincere gratitude to those, including friends and family, who gave their time and considerable talents as volunteers before, during, and after the event. What an amazing team of volunteers the evening brought together! I appreciate your support so very much.

Pictures from the event will be posted on the Mad Hatter’s Ball web site:




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