Consulting Expertise

Ask the right questions. Listen carefully. Engage. Repeat.

At the heart of our consulting practice is our approach to the work we do – seeking meaningful connections, aiming at highest potential, and engaging in ways that bring out the best in people and organizations. Much of our expertise can be grouped into the categories below, but we have often undertaken unique projects that are, well, different. We’re always happy to talk about what might be possible.

Trusted Governance Counsel

The challenges and demands facing today’s community benefit organizations are most visible in the direct service, public arena of programs and services. It’s at the board table, however, where the incredible potential of community service truly rests. Governance volunteers are charged with significant responsibilities, but often given little in the way of support for their vital roles. EnMark Associates works with boards to assess their capacity and align their efforts solidly behind vision and mission. From informal board development discussions to intensive governance renewal projects, we have helped individual board volunteers contribute their very best and provided expertise, sound advice and inspiring supports to board teams driven to do better.

“We don’t need governance for the sake of governance – we need it for the results it can provide.”  Hildy Gottlieb, Creating the Future

Organization Management and Development

Since 1991, EnMark Associates has been helping organizations of all sizes and types to engage their communities, strengthen their operations, and inspire their personnel (both paid and unpaid). We offer a full range of leadership and management supports, and are known for our effective approaches with staff and volunteers at all levels. From internal fundamentals such as policy development and risk management to vital connections with community, we provide tools and expertise that leave lasting and valuable impressions.

Solid Fundamentals. Grounded Advice. Cutting-Edge Results.

Starting with the essentials – mission, vision, values – EnMark Associates provides advice grounded in experience. We help our clients achieve innovative results and community impact by combining proven approaches with creative thinking…knowing that our efforts must make a difference and that our clients are engaged in life-altering work every day. Integrity, passion for our work, and a commitment to client satisfaction are hallmarks of our practice.

Management Counsel, Governance Counsel,  Community Relations, Community Consultations, Workshops & Training Programs, Facilitation, Focus Groups, Needs Assessments, Surveys, Research & Analysis, Community Development, Promotional Design & Creative Supports, Change Management, Organizational/ Management Reviews, Communications Counsel & Supports, Media Relations & Training, Organization & Board Development, Strategic Planning, Governance & Management Coaching, Writing & Editing…

Our reputation for excellence has been earned by committing to outcomes and results, by taking innovative and creative approaches, and through an effective balance between big picture, system thinking and attention to detail on behalf of our clients. Together with inclusive values and a clarity of vision for each project, these qualities have resulted in a referral-based clientele that speaks highly of our reliability, professionalism, and integrity.


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