Change Under Prairie Skies: Update

24 08 2022

Days seem to disappear lately, and weeks evaporate before you know it. Was it really almost 5 years ago that I joined MDB Insight? That journey proved fulfilling in so many ways. As a Senior Consultant, I focused on business development priorities (lots of writing), the firm’s corporate social responsibilities, and a number of special projects. Immersed in the economic development realm, I learned a lot about what municipalities are doing to attract investment, grow and retain their local workforce, and deliver services in ways that are meaningful to their residents. I was also fortunate to work in collaborative ways on unique projects with some great clients, including Indigenous Tourism Ontario, Fleming College, and Workforce Central Canada. MDB Insight grew and prospered during that time, and stayed resilient during the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In August of 2021 I made a big personal move, leaving my hometown of Hamilton for a new home in rural Regina, Saskatchewan. Working remotely allowed me to do that seamlessly and it’s been a very positive change. They don’t call Saskatchewan “the land of living skies” for nothing – endless vistas and amazing skywatching are just some of the reasons I fell in love with the province.

Another big change came in April of this year, when MDB Insight was acquired by Deloitte. The entire team made the transition, which I think underscores just how respected the firm was and the value placed on its team. In my new role as Business Development Manager in Deloitte’s Financial Advisory practice, I maintained many of my previous responsibilities (but working with a lot more people). Moving from a small boutique consultancy to a global powerhouse like Deloitte involved a lot of change, but the team is settled in now and continues to provide the same services that made it so successful. With that transition done, I opted to make one more big change…I retired!

My last day with Deloitte was August 23rd, marked by a lovely send-off from the team I have worked so closely with for more than five years. It’s technically semi-retirement because I plan to do some select contract work and collaborations (after a little downtime to catch my breath). I’m really looking forward to that, and to traveling again (including more exploring in Saskatchewan).

Change is constant. I’m grateful that each new shift continues to bring me growth, learning, and opportunities to contribute in new ways.





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