International Women’s Day

8 03 2012

Regrettably, I haven’t been blogging much of late…a full plate has kept me busily occupied (and quite content) but finding time to blog has been a challenge. Today, however, I had to share a wonderful link to inspire and to acknowledge, to support and to inform…

We’ve come a long way since the first IWD, but there is still much to do. I am ever-more convinced of this and acutely aware of the remaining challenges with each day spent working with the brave youngsters, dedicated staff, and generous supporters at the Community Child Abuse Council. To be clear, violence against women or children is not “a women’s issue”. It will, however, take our collective voices at full volume to change the unacceptable reality that 1 in 3 girls (and 1 in 5 boys) will be sexually victimized before adulthood.

Thanks Ayesha, for reminding us to shake the tree.