Child Honouring

28 03 2011

Canadian children’s entertainer Raffi has a project that is inspiring and worth passing along…you can find details about it at his web site:

“Child Honouring” is the singer/author’s approach to healing communities with a “child first” philosophy…organizing society around the needs of its youngest members. Its founder says “its spirit is invitational – a call to imagine and create a diversity of child-friendly cultures. A child-honouring society would show love for its children, and therefore for all of us, in every facet of its design and organization”.

The Child Honouring project includes a Covenant for Honouring Children along with Child Honouring Principles (for a .pdf version of these, click here: There are also resources for teachers and parents.

Hailed as a “compassion revolution”, Raffi’s project has elements of earth-friendly ecology and global peace as well as child-first concepts that include ideas for action and plenty of inspiration. The project’s Advisory Council includes such notables as Dr. Fraser Mustard (of Early Years fame), Elise Miller (founder and Executive Director of the National Institute for Children’s Environmental Health), Dr. Charles E. Pascal (Executive Director, Atkinson Charitable Foundation) and Joel Solomon (Chair, Tides Foundation).

The Washington Post once called Raffi Cavoukian “the most popular children’s entertainer in the western world”. The Order of Canada recipient is respected not only for his craft and talent, but also for refusing commercial endorsements and shunning marketing directly to children. This latest initiative will undoubtedly elevate his standing as a global advocate for children and an ally to parents and educators everywhere.



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