It’s Family Day

21 02 2011

If you live in Ontario, Alberta or Saskatchewan today is officially Family Day. It’s a statutory holiday in other parts of Canada too  (but under different names) so roughly 60% of the country observes the day as a holiday. In Ontario, it’s about celebrating the importance of families and family life to people and their communities.

(photo: David Cooper, Toronto Star)

Many families will spend time together, and a range of activities (many of them free) are happening for kids of all ages. Family members separated by distance may pick up the phone to connect, or use the less personal email, text or Skype options. But how does a community celebrate the importance of families? Public events really don’t reflect a community in this sense…for the most part they are organized by City departments and municipal staffers. And it’s February, not so conducive to the outdoor block parties or neighbourhood events we might see in warmer months.

I’m interested in hearing about ways a community can show that it values families. Are you taking part in a community-organized event? Is your corner of the bigger community doing something to celebrate family life? Is there a gesture of acknowledgement we could all make, as community members, that you think would honour families? Post a comment or drop me a line and tell us about it. In the meantime, I’m off to call my parents.



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