Losani Homes’ Record-Breaking Turkey Drive

11 12 2010

As a follow-up to my recent post congratulating Losani Homes on being honoured for their philanthropy, here’s an astounding accomplishment that has gone quietly unnoticed by most Hamiltonians…

The Losani family hosted about 500 guests last week for their annual Turkey Drive. The event raises money for local charities. This year, the modest goal was $50,000. But that amount was

Lino and Fred Losani at cheque presentation

nearly reached before the event even took place, thanks to early calls and requests made to Losani Homes trades associates. By the time the event finished, a whopping $210,000 had been raised! This is quite likely a record for a single fundraising event of this kind in Hamilton.

Fred Losani, speaking to guests, acknowledged the generosity of their associates and recognized the success that can happen when we all work together. He pointed to recent events like Al Pacino’s visit to the city, which raised a reported $150,000 for charitable causes, saying that by

Food Share's Joanne Santucci accepts donation

comparison very little effort was required for Losani Homes to achieve this incredible outcome. The bighearted company provided food and drink for guests at the Turkey Drive and organized the “virtual sale” of turkeys to those in attendance. Of the money pledged, $110,000 has been shared between the Community Child Abuse Council, Hamilton Food Share and Good Shepherd. The remaining funds, once collected, will be distributed among other worthy causes.

Any other companies out there feeling generous enough to try something similar with their own network of associates? There is no shortage of need in this community, and this approach to philanthropy is just the sort of gesture that can make a huge difference without requiring

Community Child Abuse Council Board Chair, Greg Doerr

charities to knock on doors or invest huge amounts of time and energy for limited returns. The Losanis have set the bar and shown that the results can be tremendous – their quiet leadership is admirable and sets an example for us all. We are grateful for their commitment to this community, and thankful for the generosity of their associates – Barzotti Woodworking, Pearson Dunn, Turkstra Lumber and the many others who gave to this event (a full list was published in the Hamilton Spectator on December 9, 2010).



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