The Twinkle in Mohawk’s Eye

19 11 2010

Hamilton may be known as a university town, but right now it’s Mohawk College adding some sparkle and polish to the steel city. The new campus renovations, including an impressive new Learning Exchange building, are the twinkle in Mohawk College’s eye, and that eye is apparently fixed confidently on the future. Great expanses of glass, some of it in a rainbow of subtle colours, command attention along the new Fennel Avenue facade. Lettering on the new

(Photo: Mohawk College)

sign (with new logo) is some 5 ft. tall. The new Cummings Library has enhanced wireless access, e-learning and an innovative “collaboratory”. Common spaces abound, with sofas and large booths as well as more traditional seating. And, yes, there’s even a Starbucks. The college calls it “a new campus for a new decade”.

(Mohawk College)

This week the college is hosting several events that are part of The Hamilton Music Awards, and is one of the presenting sponsors. Showcasing local talent and honouring area musicians, this is a fitting venue for Mohawk College to encourage and attract young music students and connect with its community. Rob MacIsaac, President, describes Hamilton as “a great place to learn” thanks in part to Mohawk College and “a great place to call home” thanks in part to the musical icons and upcoming stars being recognized this weekend.

The festival and conference portions of the 5-day event are now on, with the Industry Awards on Saturday evening and the Hamilton Music Awards on Sunday evening (including a lifetime achievement award to Lighthouse founder and Hamiltonian Ronn “Skip” Prokop). Many talented people will walk the halls of Mohawk College for these events, including young talents whose future may well include enrollment at Mohawk. The new campus additions bode well for tomorrow’s student body and for Hamilton, with exemplary environmental design features and an obvious nod to learning comforts. Named the Centre for Entrepreneurship, Learning and Innovation this is the college’s largest-ever project and it is aptly named. The official opening won’t happen until January 2011 but already it’s apparent that the campus has been transformed.

Turns out Hamilton isn’t just a university and college town, it’s home to some of the most innovative educational facilities found anywhere. And, for Mohawk College, this most recent achievement came without aid of federal funds (requested but denied when infrastructure money was being allocated). That’s no small accomplishment, and something to be applauded.



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