Alternatives for Youth

20 10 2010

The annual general meeting of Alternatives for Youth (AY) was held this week, and the election of volunteer board members saw a group of dedicated individuals take up the governance and leadership of the agency for the coming year. This is a small organization, not particularly well known, but a vital provider of services for local young people. AY provides substance abuse and addiction counselling and related programs for youth aged 12-23 and their families in the Hamilton area. They operate from a downtown location and several satellites, including numerous school-based locations.

Karen has been working with AY over the past year, assisting in a Review & Renewal process encompassing all areas of the organization. This has been a substantial undertaking for the agency, and has required considerable work on the part of volunteer board members in particular. The agency should be commended for its efforts to strengthen both governance and service delivery, and for its commitment to making valuable and visionary contributions to the Hamilton community. The AY staff team continues to provide much-needed services to young people and their families in the complicated realm of addiction, substance use, mental health and development.

If you are interested in the work of AY, or about volunteering in a governance or other capacity, contact Sue Kennedy, Executive Director, at (905) 527-4469.



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