Thank a volunteer this Labour Day weekend

4 09 2010

As we follow the news about Hurricane Earl hitting our friends in the east, and the quake in New Zealand, I am reminded of the many volunteers who will undoubtedly be springing into action to help out once the dangers have cleared. We are blessed in Canada with a volunteer workforce that not only responds when tragedy strikes, but contributes in countless ways to the very fabric of our nation on a daily basis. Many extend their services to faraway locales, and have been part of the efforts to make a difference in places like the Mississippi gulf area, Haiti and tsunami-ravaged communities in southeast Asia.

As you mark this Labour Day weekend, please remember to thank a volunteer. They don’t get paid for what they do, but they labour on our behalf nonetheless. And we are all better for their efforts.

For a fascinating and provoking discussion about the state of volunteerism in this country, check out the Graff-Reed Conversations and explore their groundbreaking revelations (Canada: Who Cares?) at   

p.s. Kudos to the volunteers working hard at Burlington’s RibFest this weekend – from what I saw yesterday the rain hasn’t dampened any spirits and Rotary can once again look forward to a successful event.



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