Play On!

18 08 2013

Strong kids = Strong families = Strong nation. That simple but powerful mission is behind¬†Canadian Tire’s new campaign to bring play back to childhood. It is an inspiring and ¬†welcome partnership to get youngsters active again with the help of influential athletes and players of all types. It reminds us about our longtime “passion for play” while pointing out that “play doesn’t come out to play as much anymore”. Nostalgic and iconic images of children at play are appearing on the company’s TV commercials, and supporters of the campaign are posting their own videos and photos online showing how and where Canadians play.

-we-all-play-for-canada-Confidence. Creativity. Strength. These qualities, cited as goals of the campaign, are ones we can all encourage in children of all ages. “A country without strong children cannot stay strong”, says the campaign. No argument here.

Play on!


Dads Matter

16 06 2013

Can’t say it any better than the folks at Miss Representation (link below) – celebrating fathers who empower their daughters…

Happy Father’s Day!

(photo: David Cooper, Toronto Star)

(photo: David Cooper, Toronto Star)